Pet Parents Demand Better Quality Food, Treats, and Supplies for Dogs


Milford, Ohio- No pet parent ever wants to hear the news that an illness or fatality could have been prevented. But with the surge in pet-related recalls in recent years, many dog parents are dealing with the aftermath of illnesses, injuries, and deaths caused by the food, treats, and supplies they bought for and used on their beloved dogs.

Many pet parents are taking a stand against inferior pet products and demanding higher quality by choosing to purchase items that are Made in the U.S.A. with natural ingredients meant specifically for dogs. This demand has given rise to increased interest in the species-appropriate raw food diet for dogs. Sometimes referred to as the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) diet, smart pet parents are taking into consideration what their dogs should be eating according to nature, instead of what is commonly provided according to price and convenience.

Taking a toddler through McDonald’s Drive-Thru is convenient and relatively cheap, but you wouldn’t do it every day because you know it’s not healthy. Yet many dogs consistently eat the equivalent of a fast food diet. Believing this poor quality menu is contributing to increases in cancer, illness, and a general lack of vitality in dogs, pet parents have begun to feed their dogs what they would eat in the wild- raw meats, fish, organs, and bones.

By purchasing raw foods and treats Made in the U.S.A., these consumers are also reducing their dog’s risk of injury from foriegn-produced products subject to frequent recalls and inferior production standards. With hundreds of pet-related recalls on the books and even more “unofficial” reports of products that result in pet illness or injuries, simply shopping for pet care necessities can result in high levels of anxiety and frustration for consumers.

“I would go to the pet store and spend an hour picking out treats and toys for my best friend only to put most or all of it back on the shelves. I just couldn’t take the chance that something I brought home would hurt my dog,” says Chase James of Ohio.

Many of the pet care products, toys, and chews available in pet supply stores contain known carcinogens, toxins, and irritants. An NBC investigation into popular pet product found numerous cases of animals whose skin was burned, animals that had seizures and vomiting, along with tens of thousands of reported incidents, including thousands of deaths from popular pet care products that you can pick up on you local shelves right now.

“If they’re on a shelf in a grocery store or drug store, you assume it’s been tested and is fine,” says Rich Parsons, a pet owner from La Quinta, California. But many of these products have the potential and likelihood of harming the dogs they are intended to help. Outraged, pet parents have begun looking very closely at ingredients labels and researching customer reviews before purchasing pet care products.

Buying pet care products made from natural ingredients has become one way for consumers to safeguard against toxins and carcinogens. One pet care company in Milford, Ohio is leading the way in safe, natural pet products Made in the U.S.A. TruPet LLC. has launched a line of pet care products that are based on a species-appropriate diet and made from natural ingredients. Their TruDog line of products is Made in the U.S.A., veterinarian approved, and preferred by educated pet parents.

Dr. Jan Hale, DVM feeds TruDog to his own pets. “The TruDog Nutrition System is a suite of food, treats, supplements, and toppers that is truly the very best way to feed your dog. It provides a natural source of essential vitamins, minerals, fats and amino acids that are so important in developing and maintaining a healthy body where all the systems work in balance with each other. TruDog provides the highest quality, all natural meat-based species appropriate diet which is the key to a long, happy and healthy life, it is a “super food” indeed”.

Companies like TruDog are earning the trust of pet parents across America and providing healthier options for dogs. Their foods and treats provide all the nutrition of a species-appropriate raw foods diet with the convenience consumers have come to expect from commercial “fast food” kibbles. These all natural products provide pet parents with the peace of mind they crave while avoiding that “shopping anxiety” that comes with the fear of purchasing harmful pet products.


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